All About Sevanty Photography


Are you looking for a photographer that "gets you"? 

You've come to the right place! 

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Hello! I'm Heather! Just a bit about me, I am a Mom with a full-time job and running a photography business. It's not always easy juggling a full-time job, with kiddos, and a photography business, but I do this because it is what I love.

Sevanty Photography is a passion to me more than a business. It is my way of capturing breathtaking moments that can be remembered for a lifetime. The name is a combination of my children's names and the logo a symbol from my childhood. Every bit of Sevanty Photography is created with love and passion.

I want to believe I was born creative with an eye for photography but it did take quite a bit of trial and error and studying to do what I do and for me to achieve my style. Sevanty Photography is an experience, not just a choice for your photography needs. My goal at Sevanty Photography is to ensure every single one of my clients walks away from their session completely satisfied. I want you to WANT to refer me to your friends and family - Not just because you get a referral bonus, but because you truly love my work.

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